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              The 3 key projects of Yidu City centralized construction

              2014-09-23 17:15:12?


              The ceremony scene

              Hubei news network in Yichang on 4 September, (Cao Lida Zhang Li Wang Ya) in August 31st, 3 key projects with a total investment of 2440000000 yuan Yidu CityBranch Town settled in high-tech park and on the same day also focus on construction. Yichang municipal Party committee assistant deputy secretaryWang Xingyu, Yichang City People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Tan Chunyu, Yichang CPPCC Vice Chairman Qu Peng, Yidu party secretary Zhuang Guangming, deputy secretary of Yidu Municipal Committee,mayor Luo Lianfeng attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Wang Xingyu announced the construction of 3 key projects.

              The construction of three key projects are: Yidu Dongfu machinery produce 300000 piece of high-end hydraulic cylinder project, soil silly old biologicalscience and Technology Park project, Yidu machine 20000 tons annual production capacity of scraper conveyor projects, three projects are all completed, is expected to be 6000 new jobs, increase profits and taxes 684000000 yuan.

              Zhuang Guangming speech at the opening ceremony, he said, focus on the construction of these key projects, the city is the implementation of the Yichang municipal Party committee, Yichang City Hall "celebrate eighteen, and striving for innovation performance" theme of practical activities, and further promote the "major project building year" activities, accelerate the development of a major move across the. These projects driving strong, comprehensive ecological benefits significantly, will inject a strong impetus to the city's economic and social development, to optimize the industrial structure, promote the transformation of the development has a very important significance, enhance the comprehensive strength of the county economy. He hoped that the project owners to meticulous organization, scientific scheduling, strengthen the safety, speed up the progress,to finish the project. Requirements related to Township, directly under the municipal departments must strive to create a good environment, sincere care,true support high-tech park construction, actively cooperate with the construction unit of the project coordination, service, and create favorable conditions for the project construction and development; to promote Yidu to achieve a new leap forward from a new starting point.

              Luo Lianfeng presided over the opening ceremony. City leaders Yang Xiaoxin,Deng Yuhua, Huali song, Wang Yunqing, Luo Huayu, Wu Huiqing, and othermunicipal leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

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